Why a Blog?

Hello fellow readers,

You’re probably wondering what this blog is about, and honestly, so am I. A little about me, first, I’m a 21 year old writer who is currently a Cal State Dominguez Hills student majoring in English education to teach at the high school level. I have a passion for writing and try to focus mainly on poetry. I’m currently working on a poetry book/chapbook, and I’m submitting some of my more established pieces on editorials such the New Yorker, POETRY and the Sun Magazine, though I know how difficult it is to get published.

The point is I love to write, I just don’t know how to get my work out there or be recognized as a serious poet.

This is why I’ve started this blog, to get the word about my poetry. To try to attract any fellow readers about my passion and to see if I can even build a reputable following.

This is an overwhelming process as I am not sure if any of you will consider my poetry to be as great as I believe it to be, but I don’t want to sit around wondering if I’m any good.

And so, this is the beginning of my writing journey, where I will not only be sharing some of my work, but also my progress, my diffiiculties and any other thought that just so happens to pop into my mind.

I will leave you all to begin working on how to better establish this site, and wish you all an enjoyable afternoon or time you find yourself in while reading this.

Literary Poetess

Published by Grace Guzman

Mexican-american poet, English Education major,

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