Will I Be Good Enough?

I worry at times that I’ll lose the passion to pursue putting out my poetry. I know that ‘ll never stop writing, but that’s what I had been doing for a long time; writing in a notebook and never bothering to share it.

I’ve done the basics; posting some poetry on Instagram, submitting poems on the New Yorker and the Sun, and even deciding to sell some of my poetry on frames like the one you’ll see below:

Lucha de Fe written by Grace Guzmán

But I’m not fulfilled yet when it comes to the impact my writing has had on others.

I want to make sure that I’ve done everything I could; publish poetry books, get accepted by bigger magazines and people’s excitement and admiration when they read what I’ve put out.

It may seem vain, and I won’t deny that it is, but how will I know I’m a good poet, unless others give a sign of approval?

The Literary Poetess

Published by Grace Guzman

Mexican-american poet, English Education major,

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