And Then..

what now?

When I say that I am going to try and do better, a part of me laughs and thinks, "No you won't". It's hard to accept the responsibility, the negatives that come with being lazy, but it's hard to push yourself to do better when many are expecting you to fail, regardless of how hard you try. 
I'm young, and I have dreams. I have responsibilites and outcomes that are expected of me, but I am also afraid of what would happen if I decided to be "me" and not the one that others are waiting for me to become. 
I have school, someone who loves me, I have my words and the possibility of a beautiful future. But what if I don't like how my life starts to unfold; I won't lie, it is a small and harrowing fear. 
I want to be happy and make sure that those around me are happy, but it seems difficult making sure everyone will be. Just people can't dictate my decision-making, I understand that I can't guarantee anyone's satisfaction in the end. 
But anyways, I dare dream. 

the Literary Poetess

Published by Grace Guzman

Mexican-american poet, English Education major,

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